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Aerosol tins

Aerosol cans have become an integral part of everyday life. From hairspray and cleaning products to shaving foam. In order to catch the customer's eye at the POS, a visually appealing and high-quality coating of the cans is of central importance.

The tinplate sheets are processed and printed in various stages. From the pre-press stage, the protective coating on the inside as corrosion protection, colourless or white coatings on the outside through to elaborate printing, which is completed with various options for the final coating. Whether completely matt or glossy, matt/gloss effects are also possible. This can also be achieved using the efficient UV drying systems from IST METZ.

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IST technology is also used for metal. IST technology is also used formetal, plastic and composite closures. In order to be able to present acoherent and appealing product for food and beverages, which canultimately be decisive for the customer at the POS, the packagingclosure should also have a standardised design.

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The uniqueness of the NEOCAN lies in its manufacturing process: it uses neither natural gas nor any other fossil fuel, which takes sustainability and resource conservation in production to a whole new level.

This has been achieved through external lamination including offset printing. This process can be achieved using a white PET film, which is then printed with UV ink on the printing line (MetalStar 3) and then coated inline with the UV varnish and cured. This process was applied using UV technology from IST METZ.

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Storage tins

Tin storage boxes are used in almost all industrial sectors. To catch the customer's eye at the POS, you can rely on visual and tactile effects that offer a unique recognition value.

The production process involved printing on tinplate, including 3D coating, which creates both a visual and tactile effect. This process was used with UV drying systems from IST.  

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