Bondexpo 2013: UV technology for all purposes

IST METZ offers a wide range of UV solutions for bonding glass, plastics and metal and for curing composites. The company’s product portfolio includes both standard UV systems and LED units for curing cationic, radical and dual-cure adhesives. Whether used for selected spots or large surfaces, these systems can be used to implement a variety of applications.




The wave length and intensity of the UV light used in the systems is designed to suit the specialist demands of adhesives. What is more, the UV technology has several key benefits compared to conventional procedures: it hardens adhesives in a matter of seconds, allowing processing of the material to continue immediately, and also offers high levels of rigidity and resistance.




IST METZ shows the latest developments of its partner company Integration Technology Ltd. at its booth, amongst them new products from its partner company Integration Technology Ltd. like the MZero LED. The air-cooled system is used e.g. for the curing of adhesives, sealings and coatings or in the fields of coding and marking in the printing industry. The compact LED UV unit is, once switched on, ready straight away. It also transmits very little heat to the substrate and has an extremely long service life.




This year's Bondexpo isn't the only place IST METZ is giving an overview of potential industrial applications of UV technology. On 19th November 2013, the company will be hosting the second Industrial UV Forum at its headquarters in Nürtingen. This event will focus on coating metal using UV technology. IST experts, partners from the system manufacturing and chemical industries and renowned users will give talks explaining their own perspectives on the functions and customer benefits of UV technology.

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