Bye company car, hello JobRad

With the introduction of the JobRad model, IST METZ allows its employees to lease bicycles. With a subsidy to the leasing rate, the Nürtingen-based mechanical engineer not only supports health and the environment, but also financing.


Parts of the stuff from UV specialist IST METZ already are pedalling strong: Since June 1, the JobRad principle has become an integral part of IST METZ’s employer services. Employees can thus refer to their personal dream bike in the same way as the well-known service car leasing through IST METZ as an employer. Financing is carried out through the monthly salary, whereby IST METZ awards a monthly fixed grant. Since there is also privately dispose of the bike, there is a financial advantage, which is taxed according to the one percent rule.


Bicycle leasing is very popular

Being mobile without dependence on the car, improvement of the traffic situation, active contribution to the environmental protection – the list of the advantages, which riding a bike offers, could be continued infinitely. The many advantages are also appreciated by the IST stuff: The JobRad representatives at IST METZ have already received almost 50 requests for bicycle leasing. 20 car loving employees have their own JobRad already in use.

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