China Print 2013: Plenty of UV light with little use of energy

A whole series of innovative technological ideas that facilitate a high standard of efficiency are hidden behind the modern housing design. Current examples include the newly developed IPS control generation and the UV online sensor from IST METZ. The IPS concept builds on the classic functions of a control system, adding intelligent options such as remote service and monitoring. All BLK-6 units are fitted with the new UV online sensor as standard. The miniature sensor, directly integrated into the surface of the reflector, measures the UV radiation efficiency before showing it in the operating display.




Productivity gains that cost less




Users stand to benefit significantly from the effective interaction of components in the BLK-6 UV system, with the new generation allowing for greater productivity at reduced operating costs. In practice, for example, this means that using two of the new BLK-6 devices is enough to achieve the same curing results from three UV units several years ago. The immediate result is reduced current consumption, noticeable in lower energy costs.




Innovative flexible shutter position




With its sheet-fed end-of-press drying system, IST METZ presents another newly developed product. Its multi-stage FSP drive (Flexible Shutter Position) allows the user to reduce the shutter opening to an interim stage when processing temperature-sensitive substrate. The various shutter openings can be manually switched at the control panel or automatically, depending on speed. The influence of temperature on the substrate is thus reduced once again. IST METZ registered this development for a patent in 2012.




Both systems feature the product label “e³”. This stands for “energy efficient equipment” and is to be gradually added to all of the company’s UV systems. And to make sure this is possible, product development will continue to focus on the optimum use of electrical energy.

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