First blood donation campaign at IST METZ exceeds all expectations

For the first time the floor was covered with foil, cubicles and examination tables were installed, as well as a laboratory and a resting room. On Thursday morning, one entire floor of the main building of the UV systems manufacturer in Zizishausen was transformed into a mobile blood donation station in less than one hour.




Blood could be donated from 9:45 am to 2:30 pm. The event was not only open for employees who could donate during working hours, but also for volunteers from Nürtingen. The apprentices of IST METZ promoted the event beforehand and helped to manage the day.




In collaboration with the German Red Cross, 101 donors were treated within nearly five hours. “The number of donors is extremely high for a company of this size” says Daniel Schnell of the German Red Cross Blood Donation Centre Baden-Württemberg – Hessen. “At first we calculated with around 60 people. I’m even happier that the first event at IST METZ was such a success.”




With this good response from the 70 employees alone who donated blood, similar campaigns are likely to come. “It is nice to see how dedicated our employees are. So we will arrange further events like this in the future” says Dirk Jägers, Managing Director of IST METZ.

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