ICE Asia: More power, less energy costs

The new BLK®v-6 UV concept is keeping in line with the development goal of Nürtingen’s UV specialists to considerably improve energy efficiency for every new product generation. While earlier UV systems from IST METZ made a valuable contribution to a more ecologically sound printing process through reduced energy consumption and less CO2 emissions, the new BLK®-6 version has gone one step further.




A whole series of innovative technological ideas that facilitate a high standard of efficiency are hidden behind the modern housing design. Current examples include the newly developed IPS control generation and the UV online sensor from IST METZ. The IPS concept builds on the classic functions of a control system, adding intelligent options such as remote service and monitoring. All BLK®-6 units are fitted with the new UV online sensor as standard. The miniature sensor, directly integrated into the surface of the reflector, measures the UV radiation efficiency before showing it in the operating display.




Basic components such as the new URS® inlay reflectors, the ELC® electronic power supply device or the proven FLC® quick-change lamp concept also play an important role in the performance of a UV system. With the main parts of a UV system, which includes UV lamps and electronics, fully developed and manufactured by the company itself, it has been possible to ensure a steady optimisation and effective collaboration of the individual components in an overall high-performance system.




At ICE Asia, IST METZ will present the BLK®-6 amongst other innovative and energy-efficient products of the company. IST METZ offers a broad range of products for many different converting applications: UV siliconisation, UV cross-linking of Hotmelt PSA, varnishing of PVC flooring as well as varnishing of decorative foils. “The Chinese market is very important for us”, says Dirk Jaegers, Managing Director of IST METZ. “In 2003, we established a sales office in Shanghai. Since a large part of our exports goes to Asia, we founded another subsidiary in Bangkok last year. We’re happy to see how customers especially in China demand our products.”

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