IST METZ helping people with mental illness get back to work

Peter Feldkircher, Vertreter des Betriebsrats der IST METZ GmbH, Dr. Peter Czisch, Leiter der Panoramaklinik Esslingen, Thomas Cwik, Leiter der Werkstatt am Neckar, Christian-Marius Metz, Geschäftsführer der IST METZ GmbH, und Silvia Zuckrigl, Sprecherin der IST METZ STIFTUNG – ZEIT FÜR MENSCHEN, (v.l.n.r.) bei der Spendenübergabe.

In 2015, the IST METZ foundation extended its social commitment. In addition to sponsoring the Werkstatt am Neckar in Wendlingen, the foundation is now also supporting the Tagesklinik Esslingen which has a similar focus. The clinic looks after people with mental illness and helps them either to get a job or to get back to work.




At IST METZ GmbH, patients are able to complete a week’s work experience in the commercial sphere or in Production. This measure enables people to get back into the work routine gradually. “Taking part in the daily routine of a business is the first hurdle our patients have to deal with”, says Dr. Peter Czisch, Head of Tagesklinik Esslingen. “Once they realize they have coped with the week well, and then get positive feedback as well, it gives them a huge boost towards getting back to a fixed working routine.” To date, nine people have successfully completed the week at IST METZ and more have already signed up.




In addition to practical assistance, the IST METZ charitable foundation also provides financial support. On 12th May, it handed over €10,000 to the Tagesklinik Esslingen and to the Werkstatt am Neckar. The money was raised from various charitable events held at IST METZ, including the annual Christmas raffle and was matched by the board. The Tagesklinik Esslingen will use the donation from the foundation to provide a percentage increase to the working hours of the social worker and the ergotherapist in order to provide patients with more support on the therapeutic side as well - for example in the form of job application training, conflict resolution courses etc.

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