Milestone in UV technology

Electronic power supply units belong to the peripheral equipment of a UV system. Since 1998, these devices have been manufactured at eta plus electronic GmbH, a subsidiary of IST METZ GmbH. The ELC® range of electronic power supply units have been developed specifically to operate UV lamps. They optimise production safety in the print room and also reduce operating costs.




The ELC® units are highly efficient with low energy consumption. They reduce any electrical peaks which improves production quality. The electronic power supply unit also extends the range of adjustment of the UV lamp as the optimal lamp output can be adjusted steplessly between 30 and 100% depending on the production speed. The compact design of the ELC® units means that the space required is reduced by up to 50%.




15 years after the first device had been produced, the ten thousandth electronic power supply unit ELC® was symbolically handed over to Carl Edelmann GmbH. It already has been installed into a printing press at the company’s headquarter in Heidenheim, Germany. Carl Edelmann GmbH is a leading provider of high-class innovative packaging solutions. In twelve production sites worldwide the familiy enterprise founded in 1913 develops and produces folding cartons, packaging inserts and system solutions, primarily for the health- and beautycare markets. For many years now, Edelmann and IST METZ have been having a fruitful business relationship.

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