Revolution AIR. The new MBS.

According to the Yole market research institute, LED technology is expected to achieve a market share of around 30 per cent in 2016, a significant rise compared to previous years. LED technology currently makes up the greatest proportion of adhesive curing and inkjet printing. But it is also increasingly requested in label printing.


With the new MBS®, IST METZ offers a system in whose housing either UV lamp or LED technology can be used. The MBS® unit can simply be inserted into the machine; all supply connections engage automatically. This enables you to change easily from operation with a UV lamp to UV LEDs. Thanks to the removable internal housing, all components in the unit can be accessed easily and without screws.


The MBS® range is available in three versions – an air-cooled system with UV lamp and facility for a subsequent upgrade to LED, an air-cooled system with UV LEDs and facility for a subsequent upgrade to UV lamp, and an air-cooled hybrid version featuring both technologies, which can be used interchangeably in the printing press as required.


With the new MBS®, label printers won’t have to choose. Both power supply and air-cooling don’t make additional changes on the printing press necessary when switching between technologies.


MBS® UV systems are fitted with ELC®-X type electronic power supply devices as standard. They can be used to continuously regulate the dimming range of the UV lamp. Both UV lamps and MBS® type UV LED units can be operated interchangeably with the same ELC®.


The MBS® LAMPcure from IST METZ is equipped with URS® reflectors. The reflectors are made up of cold mirror reflectors with more than 60 different metal oxide layers. These exceptionally resistant reflectors boast an extremely long service life and optimum heat management. The URS® duo technology delivers a significantly higher level of reflection than conventional reflectors; the IR radiation is discharged directly to the air-cooled aluminium profile through a special coating.


The MBS® LEDcure is ready to use immediately after switching on. There are no warm-up or cooling times, which saves both time and energy. The pure, cold UV light of the LEDs gives off little heat to the substrate. LEDs have a particularly long life and the systems are infinitely dimmable. Individual modules can be replaced easily if required.

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