UV technology from a single source

This annual event was held at the headquarters of the IST METZ Group in Nürtingen near Stuttgart. IST experts and partners gave presentations to explain their own different takes on the functions and customer benefits of UV technology.


Holger Maier from IST METZ described fields of application and highlighted the general benefits of UV curing – such as low surface temperature, the possibility of immediate further processing and the impressive properties of the layers created. Oliver Starzmann from IST METZ and Achim Herzog from Integration Technology Ltd. then described the specific benefits of LED UV technology which may be relevant depending on the application. "LED UV technology is growing exponentially, but in future, both medium pressure vapour lamps and LEDs will be used. Customers will have to decide which kind of lamp is right on a case-by-case basis", said Oliver Starzmann.


In collaboration with its British partner company, Integration Technology Ltd., IST METZ supplies both kinds of UV system, which makes it easy to use the right system to suit the application in question. Raytracing software is used to find the ideal product, and Ruben Cremer of IST METZ gave a presentation on this at the event. The software allows the beam path of the UV light to be matched perfectly to the part to be coated.


Dr. Markus Milwich from the Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik Denkendorf (Denkendorf Institute of Textile and Process Technology) spoke about current developments in light engineering and described potential spheres of application - including automotive, for example. Arnd Riekenbrauck from IST METZ complemented this contribution by talking about current trends in the curing of fibre composites using UV light. Martin Schweizer of SPMA Spezialmaschinen GmbH explained a variety of system concepts. Marcus Steckhan from Mankiewicz Gebr. GmbH & Co. KG talked about the different properties UV coatings have to have in combination with both conventional UV and LED-UV technology. Uwe Heydenreich from VTD Vakuumtechnik Dresden GmbH, an IST METZ Group company, explained the PVD coating process in which various metals are vapour-deposited on plastic parts in a high vacuum. A UV-cured top coat is then often applied afterwards.


The all-day event was rounded off by a guided tour and live demonstration.

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