IST metz

The IST METZ logo is the primary originator for all formal and business media. It has only low promotional character and its primary use is for business printed matter, such as letterheads, business cards, order and quotation forms.


Sales and Service network

Communication materials with a regional context or regional content are identified by the corresponding logo of the service and sales network location.

Clear space

The central grey stripe defines the surrounded clear space. No graphic elements may be placed within the clear space. The logo is created inclusive of the clear space and serves as a positioning aid for the user.

Orientation and visual alignment

Particularly for text elements that are positioned close to the logo, ensure that there is a visual alignment, starting with the IST brand.

IST metz + A Metz Holding Company

The logotype “A METZ HOLDING COMPANY” or “METZ HOLDING COMPANIES” completes the corporate brand and creates a link with the umbrella brand (METZ HOLDING). If several subsidiary or affiliated companies appear together, the “holding” addition is only required once.

Directly beneath

The add of “holding” is a central part of the ISTmetz logo. The complete logo can be used in accordance with the guidelines for design and usage.

On one page

In addition “holding” can be positioned separate from the ISTmetz logo – on the same page with a clear distance from the corporate logo.

In combination with sales/service network locations

If sales and service locations or other subsidiary companies appear together, the “holding” addition is necessary. “Holding” can appear on the same page separate from the corporate logo. Brands may only be combined on the same level. This means that only the “IST” brand may not be combined with a corporate brand.

Reference to Metz Holding

If documents or advertising material refer to the entire group of companies or if the identity of the company with METZ HOLDING is to be emphasised – for example in job advertisements – the brand + brand icon of the production facilities must be used. The Metz Holding companies are to be placed in addition to the primary logo and do not replace it.

Colour versions

Give preference to the multi-coloured version on a white background to achieve maximum recognisability.


The company name is written as follows: IST METZ GmbH & Co. KG. “IST” is used on its own to designate affiliation to the company, e.g, “IST UV units”

The following presentations of brands shall be used in all correspondence, presentation and advertising material, as the right to use lapses if the brands are not designated:


  • IST is the umbrella brand for the IST sales and services network.


Presentation of protected marks of IST Systems Technology division:


  • MBS®  (modular building set)
  • BLK® (basis air cooling)
  • LUV® (LED UV)


Presentation of protected marks from the area of UV components:


  • FLC®  (fast lamp change)
  • ELC®  (electronic lamp control)
  • URS® (UV reflector system)


It is sufficient in the document used to cite the copyright mark when it is first mentioned and to make the following note at the end of the document: IST and the products/services MBS, BLK, ELC, FLC, LUV and URS are registered trademarks of IST Metz GmbH.


Brand & Brand Icon

Single use – IST-Brand

The “IST” brand, as the sovereign originator, can be used without any further additions. It is the brand’s visual recognisable feature and can be used for both the mother and sales/service network. The brand has a strong, promotional character and shall be used in the context of the IST companies and their products.

Combined – IST-Brand + Brand Icon


The IST brand can be extended by the brand icon – the IST stripes. The IST stripes are the visual representation of the “energy in light” claims. The visual impact is enhanced as a result and greater differentiation achieved from other brands. The logo may be used universally for communications media that stand globally for both a mother and subsidiary brand.

Reinforcement with claim

This claim represents the mission statement of the company across all its market activities. The claim reinforces the brand and demonstrates the strategic focus with “energy in light”. The claim stands for both the broad economic focus and the commitment of staff and the social cooperation. The claim is the conviction/the internal value of the brand core of IST. The reinforcement is particularly required if “energy in light” stands for more than technology, e.g. advertisements, mission statements, internal notices, business reports etc.

Colour versions

  • Colourd on white background [primary use]
  • Black and White if there is no other design possible for technical reasons
  • Negative on monochrome or coloured background

Decoupled – IST + Brand Icon + energy in light


The three elements brand icon, brand and “energy in light” must be used individually in the associated context. The brand icon is mainly placed in the left-hand corner in printed media, the IST logo on the right opposite page and the typeface “energy in light” either directly or at a visible distance beneath the IST logo.


No set proportions have been defined for the three logo elements. Take care that a visual balance is created between the brand icon and the IST brand. The typeface of “energy in light” has a significantly lighter weight than the other two elements.

Added value

It is quite possible to use the logo and/or the word “IST” as a highlighted word for product names. The logo file is used ideally for “IST”, the company typeface DIN Offc Pro for the remaining letters. (Metz typeface).

IST brand icon

The IST stripes symbolically stand for rays of light and are the visual representation of the “energy in light” claim. A colour is assigned to each of IST’s core competencies. Green, grey and blue each stand for PRINT, SERVICE and INDUSTRIAL. The brand icon can be used on its own, in conjunction with the logo or in abstracted form as a style element. If the brand icon is used on the same page as the logo but separate from this, the IST stripes are to be placed cropped off in the top left-hand corner. The grey stripe is extended in this case.

Single use

Published photos with the brand icon and the IST stripe are designated for branding photos whose rights are with IST. IST pictures are labelled primarily in social media posts, such as Facebook or Linkedin, to restrict duplication by third parties.

Style element

Their three colours together with the tapered edges are characteristic of the stripes. They can be used in an abstracted form as a style element in all types of variations across all media.

Slogan "We Have The Cure"

The slogan “WE HAVE THE CURE” represents the company’s key statement at the product level for the respective business units. It is subordinate to the “energy in light” claim which represents the mission statement of the company. The dual meaning of the word “Cure” connects the technical aspect of the product with the company’s solution-oriented philosophy. The slogan should be used in conjunction with the company's contact details to design the advertisement.