We are partner of the Baden-Württemberg House at Expo Dubai 2020


We specialize in UV light systems that can be used for disinfection in the food, pharmaceutical and wastewater industries, as well as in large rooms and exhibition halls. The installation of the new system creates an atmosphere in the rooms comparable to outside air. The UVPE (ultraviolet pathogen elimination) operating principle used in the Virobuster system has now been patented. By using pure UV-C and dispensing with filters or dangerous additional technologies such as ozone-releasing plasma or ionization, the Virobuster system is more environmentally friendly than comparable systems before it. 


UV light inactivates 99.9% of microorganisms in the room air.


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UVC Air sterilisation


Two of the Virobuster systems have been deployed in Baden-Württemberg Haus, one in the exhibition area and one in the event room. Visitors can enjoy the pavilion and the exhibition with a safe feeling and breathe the innovative spirit of Baden-Württemberg in the truest sense. The house offers companies in the state numerous opportunities to present themselves and their services to a broad, international audience in a wide variety of ways.


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UV water disinfection


The quality of the water resources continues to deteriorate around the globe. Industry and agriculture pollute the water with toxins such as pesticides, hormones and microorganisms that can be harmful to humans. The disinfection of water by means of UV technology has been a globally proven and safe method for a long time. UV light from medium pressure mercury lamps inactivates the DNA of harmful germs and reduces the bacterial count to the legally required maximum quantity for drinking water. This requires neither chemicals nor does it produce unwanted or even harmful by-products.


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UV curing systems

UV Applications

UV curing systems are used in the graphic arts industry, automotive industry and for other industrial applications. IST UV or LED systems offer many advantages for production and product quality. These include:


  • extremely short curing times
  • immediate further processing
  • high gloss varnishes
  • high scratch resistance
  • high chemical resistance


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Tradition & modernity


IST METZ is an internationally active medium-sized mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Nürtingen, in Southern Germany, and more than 550 employees worldwide. For more than 40 years the company has been producing equipment for curing print and coating by means of UV light. The UV systems cure inks, varnishes, silicones, adhesives, resins and other materials in fractions of a second. The IST METZ group of companies offers its customers the world’s largest product portfolio of high-performance UV lamp and UV LED systems. The range is complemented by warm air infrared drying systems and excimer technologye. IST Metz was elected as Global Market Leader for UV Curing Systems from 2018 to 2022. In 2019, IST Metz received the Innovation Award and is one of the TOP 100.


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Innovations in the field of DC charging technology for electric vehicles, battery & energy management are produced by IST group of companies (Nürtingen). Ambibox GmbH has been developing these highly innovative power electronics. 


Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, customers will be able to access DC charging technology in the form of 11 kW & 22 kW wallboxes. Apart from faster charging of electric vehicles, these enable the integration of a photovoltaic unit as a power generator as well as the recovery of energy in Li-Ion battery systems or other household energy consumers.


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