Whether it´s the living room, office, classroom, gym or activity room, we spend two-thirds of our lives indoors. No wonder, then, that the requirements for living conditions and air quality have long been intertwined. This is exactly where we come in with the most efficient air hygiene technology that has set the standard in sensitive fields such as medicine and the food industry for the last 15 years.


With its certified UVPE technology (UVPE = ultraviolet pathogen elimination, the Steribase 450 lowers infection risks like no other purification system and is scientifically proven to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 surrogate viruses.


Whether used in nurseries, town council offices or company headquarters, the innovative free-standing unit with built-in ventilator is convenient, efficient and flexible in any type of building. Aesthetic and sustainable with zero emissions, it is mobile, quiet and low maintenance. Most importantly, however, it is safe: the closed UV-C system means that no harmful UV light can escape.


Technical specifications

  • Dimension 540 x x 540 x 1640 mm (LxWxH)
  • Output 240 Watt, 230 - 240 V
  • Weight 39 kg
  • Noise (continuosly adjustable)
    • 150 m3/h | 29,4 dB(A)
    • 230 m3/h | 40,5 dB(A)
    • 300 m3/h | 47,2 dB(A)
    • 450 m3/h | 53,9 dB(A)
  • HADR (Hygienic Air delivery rate): > 470m3/h
  • Biological reduction > 99,9 % (proven by biodosimetry)
  • Maintenance 9.000 hrs (lamps and reflectors)
  • Advised use per Device: up to 20 persons or 180 m² space area
  • Approvals TÜV, CE
  • Proof of effectiveness: Hygieneinstitut Biotec GmbH 2006, 2011, 2013, 2020; Kowalski 2009; HDZ NRW Ruhr-Universität Bochum 2009


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Device efficiency

Steribase offers proven efficacy of > 99.99 % against SARS-CoV-2 (surrogate).

Space efficiency

The combination of slow intake and high output speed guarantees a reduction in microbial counts for the whole room - and in just a few minutes.

User comfort

The pedestal offers stability and the fan it contains is extremely quit despite its air flow capacity. Continuous operation in offices, hospital wards or sleeping areas is therefore unproblematic.

Safety and sustainability

Our device work solely on the basis of UV-C. There are no filters or hazardous additions such as plasma (ozone) or ionisation, which makes this an emission-free solution that is safe for users and the environment.


As there are no filters that would require regular changing, maintenance is only required every 2-5 years (depending on the period of use). In terms of lifecycle costs, low maintenance requirements make Steribase the peefect choice.