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UV system BLK CI


The BLK CI is a new UV drying system that was specially developed for use in central cylinder machinery. Due to their compact size, central cylinder machines only allow very little space for UV dryers and require perfect heat management. There are many features that make it easier for the user to operate the UV drying, guaranteeing optimum production conditions.


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Compact size

The optimised dimensions of the BLK CI, with a width of almost 11 cm and a height of just 14 cm, facilitate its smooth integration into all central cylinder printing presses, even when space is restricted. The dryers are easily accessible at all times for any maintenance work. Lamp lengths of up to 2350 mm are possible without any changes to size.

Reduction of oxygen

The reduction of oxygen is achieved with nitrogen. Here, the oxygen from the air is displaced by the nitrogen. The nitrogen works as an inert gas and thus prevents the aerial oxygen from attaching to the radicals that have been formed. This thus improves reactivity, so irreproachable products are possible. With greater reactivity, there is also an option of reducing lamp output. A system with reduced oxygen is not only favourable for food packaging, it also boasts clear advantages for the printing of temperature-sensitive materials. The use of nitrogen also prevents the formation of ozone.

Overprinting ventilation

With this system, the lamp is directly cooled by the inert gas. The inert atmosphere prevents any polluted ambient air from being transported by the lamp and reflector. This effectively prevents any contaminaton of the lamp or reflector. There is also no need for any additional quartz glass plate which would absorb some of the UV light required for curing.

Heat management

Any heat introduced to the process is effectively dissipated by the water cooling of the reflectors and the housing. The positive pressure ventilation with nitrogen guarantees an even cooling of the lamp over the entire length.

Electronic power supply devices ELC

BLK CI UV systems come with intelligent, energyefficient electronic power supply devices of type ELC as standard. The dimming range of the lamp is infinitely variable, facilitating the optimum adjustment of UV power at the respective production process, helping to save both energy and costs.

User-friendly operation

The BLK CI features the quick-change lamps FLC and URS reflectors with inlay technology, facilitating simple operation and increasing the productivity of your system. Quick-change cassette technology with a main connector plug for compressed air, control voltage and supply voltage allows for easy accessibility of the dryer when maintenance work is being carried out.

FLC Fast Lamp Change

The cordless FLC UV lamp system enables lamps to be changed quickly and easily. It is possible to remove the UV lamp from the lamp unit with just one hand movement and a lamp replacement just takes a few seconds, thus saving users several hours of machine availability per year.

URS inlay reflector technology

URS reflectors are what are known as cold mirror reflectors, fitted with more than 60 different metal oxide layers that only reflect the UV light and deflect the thermal radiation to a water-cooled profile. These highly resistant reflectors boast an extremely long service life and optimum heat management. The reflector inlays are force-fitted to the unit, facilitating an easy replacement of the half shells. For example, simple replacement of the reflectors is interesting if the curing result can be improved by a different reflector geometry or coating for specific printing jobs.
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