Repair request for UV units

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Repair request for UV units
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IST METZ GmbH is offering several services for your UV unit. Either way you will receive an estimation including cost breakdown of all damaged items as well as repair time needed. Please choose the most convenient service you want to make use of.

Only damaged parts of the UV unit will be replaced. If necessary we recommend replacement of further wearing parts which is a cost effective alternative compared to the troubleshooting. An early damage of wearing parts cannot be ruled out.

We strongly recommend cleaning of your UV unit because some damage (such as pitting) only can be discovered while performing troubleshooting. Simultaneously optical characteristics can be evaluated. Thus max. operationg time in your daily working process can be ensured.

The following service offer gives you the posibility of special evaluation according to our past experiences on striking wearing parts. You will receive an overhauled module which garantees long and trouble-free operation.  It is not advisable to perform general overhaule without previous cleaning of the UV unit.

A new unit will be offered, if a repair of the old one is no longer economical.