At Labelexpo Asia 2017, from the 5th to the 8th of December,Codimag (stand G50) demonstrates its enhanced Viva 340 presses based on Aniflo unique printing technology. Featuring an offset unit and plates plus simple anilox delivery system, Aniflo delivers high definition, uniform web coverage, expanded gamut printing and fast imaging / setup times. The dedicated Viva 340 Evolution press features HMI advances that minimize manual input, automatic register synchronisation and enhanced connectivity with elements in the IT environment. Private trials are available.

Bondoufle, France, 13 November, 2017: At Labelexpo Asia 2017,Codimag will show its Viva 340 Evolution on its stand (G50) featuring enhancements on its press based on the company’s Aniflo printing technology. There will also be regular live demonstrations and the possibility to arrange private trials.

Codimag’s Aniflo technology combines offset quality, flexo simplicity and digital flexibility. It features an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web. High-definition plates can be imaged within three minutes, assuring fast setup times and outstanding quality on all commonly used label substrates. Aniflo’s superior stability allows expanded gamut printing, reaching over 90 per cent of the PMS colour book without ink changes or consequential washing.

Viva 340 Evolution, a dedicated Aniflo press, will feature advances in Viva Evolution’s software, architecture and controls. A new human-machine interface enables transfer of prepress data to print a label with minimised manual input in minutes. New software features allow automated register synchronisation and connectivity with elements in the customer’s IT environment such as prepress solutions and ERP systems.

Private one-to-one trials are arranged on the Viva 340 Evolution for converters willing to have their own PDF files printed on the press in real production environment, using Esko Equinox imaging software to provide a real-time experience of the speed and efficiency of the complete workflow.

Pre-press equipment will be provided by its partner in waterless offset plate Toray. The AnifloLive demos will highlight the complete pre-press workflow with a Cron CTP and a processor to prepare the plates in live conditions.

Codimag will also share its booth with its long term partner for UV drying system IST Metz. This will be the opportunity to show the new air-cooled IST Metz MBS7 LEDcure system that offers longer lamp lifetime, reduced energy consumption, elimination of ozone emissions, increased start-up speeds and compatibility with film as well as paper substrates. The MBS7 UV system is also equipped with the “Hot Swap” function that allows customer to change from conventional to LED lamps in few seconds.

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