During the joint Christmas party, UV specialist IST METZ honoured 35 employees for their 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service as well as three employees of the subsidiary eta plus.

 The following employees were honoured for ten years of service: Patrick Decker, Angelo Gueli, Sebastian Haase, Tanita Klein, Oliver Kern, Markus Krißler, Gaby Möck, Frank Schweizer, Stephan Vogt, Daniel Weis, Claudia Werner, Bianca Wiltschko and Ralf Zimmermann.

Heike Aldinger, Manuel Blauensteiner, Philipp Braun, Eduard Epp, Gregor Lauser, Markus Pfisterer and Volker Pfisterer celebrated 20 years of service.

Ulrich Bauhof, Nicole Bosse, Ellen Haußmann, Axel Jahn, Torsten Kächele, Daniela Kaiser, Andreas Kirchner and Manuela Stirn are already celebrating a quarter of a century of service with their 25th anniversary. Gunnar Eisenhardt and Gerhard Tulke have been working for the Nürtingen-based UV specialist for 30 years, Marion Kölbl and Bodo Ötinger for no less than 35 years.

At the subsidiary eta plus, Karin Wagner was honoured for 10 years, Martin Speck for 25 years and Andrea Eschen for 30 years of service.