The LED start-up brand modulux also sells LED lamps online

In the growing LED technology market, the new start-up brand modulux specialises in systems for narrow-web flexographic printing. The brand represents straightforward, robust and modular LED solutions, while appealing to a new type of “connected customer” who is used to products being available anytime and anywhere. These customers also expect high quality at a low price and excellent customer service where required. modulux claims to offer all of this and has already realised several installations in the market.

The young brand operates as an off-shoot of IST Metz and works with the Nürtingen-based UV provider for services that go beyond the sale of UV LED systems, such as installation or maintenance. This collaboration ensures that product performance and additional services are of extremely high quality compared to the market standard, and that the specifications of the machine manufacturer and employers' liability insurance association are fulfilled.

The modulux product range extends from a basic package to an all-inclusive variant. modulux basic is designed for users who are experienced in the integration of UV systems – primarily OEM customers. It is limited to the essential components, including installation instructions.

If additional services are needed, such as installation of the system by an experienced technician, or special constructions, these can be purchased separately – for example, in the modulux basic+ package. Along with the delivery of LED UV systems from modulux, the all-inclusive package includes all the necessary services, such as mechanical integration, installation, technical troubleshooting, remote service, maintenance contracts, etc. All additional services are performed by IST Metz. The advantage of this approach is that the worldwide network of IST subsidiaries is available to support all users locally.

Since LED UV systems are predicted to grow by around 5% annually, the start-up brand expects to be able to grow continuously in future. The start-up specialises specifically in flexographic applications in the narrow-web range. This concept makes a perfect addition to Integration Technology which is part of the Metz Holding group and specialises in digital printing and industrial applications with its various LED systems.

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