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UV curing uses ultraviolet light to instantly cure printing inks and coatings on large-area substrates such as flexible packaging, labels and textiles. LED UV curing in particular has become increasingly important. LED UV offers several advantages over conventional mercury lamps. LED-UV is energy efficient, emits less heat and has a longer service life, which reduces maintenance costs. LED-UV is also environmentally friendly as it produces no ozone emissions and contains no hazardous mercury. This innovation enables higher production speeds, better print quality and improved substrate compatibility. As a result, roll-to-roll printing with LED UV curing is increasingly being chosen for its efficiency and sustainability.

Our product portfolio for web applications

  • BLK - Water-cooled UV system for industry
  • EXIcure - Excimer technology for industrial applications
  • modulux turbo - LED UV system for a wide range of applications
  • UV Analyzer - app-based UV radiation measuring device

Our USP´s

  1. Taylor made solutions for integration into existing press architecture for more efficient production.
  2. unique in-house manufacturing of all core components at IST headquarters: lamp manufacturing, ballasts, reflector technologies and UV development in one place for unrivalled coherence and synergy.
  3. industry-leading efficiency and curing performance through harmonised development of ballasts, lamps and peripherals, especially for demanding sectors such as life science and food, where GMP-compliant processes and maximum curing efficiency are crucial.

Commercial Printing

Commercial printing refers to the process of printing promotional materials such as brochures, flyers and catalogues for business purposes. UV curing is ideal for commercial printing as it enables fast curing of the ink, resulting in improved print quality and reduced production times. UV curing technology is particularly well suited to multi-colour wet-on-wet printing as it enables precise and fast curing without smudging or smearing. UV curing also offers flexibility in the choice of curing source, be it a classic UV lamp, a LED UV or a hybrid solution, each offering their own advantages in terms of efficiency and energy consumption.

  • UV curing suitable for multi-colour wet-on-wet printing
  • Classic UV lamp or LED UV or hybrid solution possible

Newspaper printing

Newspaper printing is a specialised printing process used for the mass production of newspapers, with a focus on fast printing speeds and cost-efficient production. In combination with UV printing, coated papers can be used in coldset presses, allowing newspaper printers to produce commercial products.

  • UV curing suitable for high speed with both classic UV lamp and LED UV
  • Number of lamp units / LED units depending on production speed
  • Installation possible on single and double-width web offset printing towers
  • Installation on 8-high towers and satellite printing units
  • Curing of the front and back of the web
  • Wet-on-wet printing without intermediate drying - curing after last print position
  • Production speeds up to approx. 840 m/min depending on the printing press


Heatset printing is a process in which the ink is dried using heat to enable faster drying times and better adhesion to smooth surfaces such as glossy paper. In the heatset printing industry, UV curing is particularly useful as a substitute for conventional gas curing, as it reduces emissions and improves print quality.

  • UV curing suitable for high speed, both with classic UV lamp and with LED UV as an alternative to the heatset dryer
  • Number of lamp/LED units depending on the production speed
  • Top and bottom of the web are cured almost simultaneously
  • Wet-on-wet printing without intermediate drying - curing after the last print job
  • Production speeds depending on the printing machine up to approx. 1000 m/min

Liquid packaging

Liquid packaging refers to packaging specifically designed for the storage and transport of liquids such as beverages, sauces or detergents. UV curing is an ideal technology for liquid packaging as it enables immediate curing of the ink and thus reduces production time, which is crucial for fast roll-to-roll processing of large quantities of packaging.

  • UV curing with classic UV lamp for maximum product safety, even at high speeds, thanks to separate curing of each individual ink
  • Flexo and offset printing possible
  • Installation via chill roller or with counter aperture
  • Production speeds of up to approx. 450 m/min depending on the printing press

Flexibel packaging

Flexible packaging is packaging material made of easily deformable materials such as plastic films, aluminium foils or paper and is often used for food, beverages and other consumer goods. UV curing is ideal for flexible packaging as it enables instant drying of the ink on various materials such as plastic films, resulting in increased productivity and improved quality.

  • UV curing with a classic UV lamp for maximum product safety, even at high speeds
  • Curing under atmospheric or oxygen-reduced (inertisation using nitrogen) conditions
  • Installation via cooling roller for heat-sensitive substrates

Gravure printing

UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting

Gravure printing is a printing process in which the ink is transferred from the recessed areas of a printing plate to the paper, resulting in high print quality and colour intensity. UV printing or UV varnishing is an ideal addition for creating tactile and visual effects.

  • UV curing system with classic UV lamp specially developed for varnish finishing in gravure printing
  • Atmospheric and oxygen-reduced LCC curing system (nitrogen inert) for maximum product safety in terms of migration, odours, etc.
  • UV curing with classic UV lamp for maximum product safety, even at high speeds
  • Installation of the lamp units on a counter panel (folding carton) or over a chill roll (flexible packaging)

Decorative printing

UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting

Decorative printing refers to the process of printing decorative surfaces on film or paper to achieve aesthetic effects. Due to the achievable colour gamut and the chemical and physical resistance of UV formulations, UV printing is an ideal process for this.

  • UV curing system for pre-gelling - matting and final curing of coatings on decorative film
  • Pre-curing using LED UV or UV lamp (UV lamp with servo shutter for controlling the UV dose to almost 0 mJ/cm²)
  • Matting using excimer technology
  • Final curing of the matt film under oxygen-reduced conditions with UV lamp
  • Extra-wide excimer applications up to 4 m can be realised


"Specials" is a term used in the printing industry to refer to special or customised print jobs that fall outside of standard products and processes.

  • Adhesive cross-linking (hotmelt)

Security printing

Security printing is based on the key factors of a complex process, special material mix of paper, colours and foils as well as design. This requires a wide range of different UV printing and finishing technologies. The security features and a large part of the expertise required to print the banknotes are subject to confidentiality.

  • Application-specific applications can be realised
  • Broad range of applications and products
  • Customised system solution

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