IST METZ: versatile UV laboratory systems

Laboratory units

Versatile for research and development

IST UV laboratory units have proved to be extremely valuable for research and development purposes over a number of years. Our unit is supplied as free-standing unit with a conveyor belt and manufactured at our production facilities in Germany.  For daily use you only neeed to swith on the unit.

Alternatively there is our standard laboratory unit, which can be integrated easily into existing machines. As requested they can be equipped with LED systems.


Air-cooled laboratory UV unit
The laboratory unit can be equipped with one or with two UV lamp units. Maximum lamp output is 200 W/cm. The available lamp lengths are 250 or 400mm. The distance between the lamp units and the conveyor belt can be easiliy adjusted using spacers. Maximum height of the substrate is 100 mm.
URS reflector technology
The integrated URS technology provides optimum adaptation of the reflector geometry and the reflection properties to the production process.
Switch and control unit for laboratory units
The lamp power is adjusted using a 3 step switching (50, 75 and 100%). Electronic ballast are optionally available. All electrical components are incorporated into the unit.
Flexible adaptable
The conveyor system is working with a conveyor belt. The speed of the conveyor is steplessly adjustable from 5 – 160 m/min.
Maintenance friendly
All components in the unit, including the lamp, reflector, pneumatic cylinder etc., are easily accessible. The lamp can be changed without additional works or dismantling of other components.
Option: UV measurement
The UV system is prepared for UV measurement by default. The portable UMS-2 UV measuring instrument enables you to easily check the UV power if required. The precisely defined sensor position means that comparative measurements can be taken at any time.


UV Laboratory units