Reliable assembly and repair

for your UV system

IST METZ has a wide range of services to support you in securing your productivity. Our experienced service staff provide support you can rely on all over the world, and is available for any UV technology-related issue.

Supported by the Service department at our headquarters in Nürtingen, some 50 service engineers operate out of our international service and sales subsidiaries. Servicing, repairs or calibrations can be conducted on your premises or as an in-house service in the various subsidiaries.

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You’re in the best hands with the IST METZ service team

  • World-wide availability means short reaction times
  • Rapid, professional installation and user training to enable the system to be used perfectly smoothly
  • A full warranty if IST commissions your systems; this can be extended with optional service contracts
  • Customers’ individual technical requirements or process improvements can be modified at any time
  • Testing, servicing and repair of all safety-related components in conjunction with the production system
  • Direct provision of original spare parts and accessories in the event of a fault
  • Remote support to guarantee production reliability

New installation and commissioning

Professional fitting and installation of all system components and a check on all functions (taking account of production parameters) are a prerequisite for a full system warranty for UV systems. Commissioning can be planned on a customer-specific basis to suit the industrial production process in question and is intended to ensure that the entire system can start production quickly. Engineers trained or certified by IST commission the systems on site and provide you with instruction in how to handle the systems and the technology properly; this gives you the option of eliminating faults directly without delay.

Modernization and repair of UV systems

IST METZ optical systems have a very long service life. In order to be able to keep up with the technical progress of the daily production process, all IST systems can be upgraded with components from the latest generation of software and hardware. In the event of malfunctions, we offer a direct on-site repair service: our Quick Check examines all operating parameters to rule out further faults or defective parts on a preventive basis. The IST Shop ensures that all system-specific original spare parts are supplied direct to the customer. Alternatively, you can send your faulty units in to us as a repair order. Contact our service team for this.

Your contact to our service department

Our services create the basis for a system which performs well throughout its service life. Any questions about your UV system or about UV technology? Regardless of whether these relate to operation, repair, spare parts or servicing – our service engineers will be delighted to help you at any time.


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Contact us by mail

Our service engineers are available to you for servicing, troubleshooting over the phone and world-wide service call-outs for your UV and LED UV units. You can contact us on the service hotline from Monday to Friday between 7.00am and 4.00pm Central Time for phone.
You can also contact us with your issue in writing – directly, simply and straight forwardly!
Does your UV/LED UV system need repairing? Provide us with all the necessary details on the form and we will be able to help you as quickly as possible.
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Any questions about your UV system or about UV technology?