Industrial UV systems from IST for curing inks and coatings


UV curing without Photo initiators and no inertisation

The curing of varnishes and inks with UV light is a fast, proven and energy-efficient method for cross-linking reactive ink and varnish systems. UV curing is used in many different areas, such as in wood processing or surface coating. The new FREEcure UV system, developed by IST METZ together with BASF SE, represents a new kind of cross-linking technology. The shared patent resulting from the collaboration follows the approach of increasing the UVC percentage in the spectrum of a UV lamp.

FREEcure is a revolutionary technology that achieves outstanding results with the option of opting out:

  • Photo initiators
  • Inertisation
  • Electron beams

What makes FREEcure so unique?

The high-energy UVC light, exclusively available in the market, enables the direct cleavage of double bonds without the need for photoinitiators. Particularly for GMP applications, this system establishes new benchmarks – all without requiring inertization in a normal atmosphere.

Experience a dramatic reduction in the number of lamps needed for dose-intensive applications and be inspired by a future that demands fewer photoinitiators. FREEcure redefines the possibilities of UV curing, paving the way for a more efficient, environmentally friendly tomorrow.

FREEcure: UV curing without compromises

Explore the prowess of a technology that renders photoinitiators obsolete and revolutionizes the world of UV printing. To bring your application to life, we eagerly await your contact. Your vision, our expertise – let's make it happen together. Reach out to us now and let the transformation begin!


FLC fast lamp change
The cordless FLC UV lamp system enables the UV lamp to be changed quickly and easily. It can be removed from the lamp unit with just one movement.
Patented URS inlay reflector
Patented URS inlay reflector technology The integrated URS technology provides optimum adaptation of the reflector geometry and the reflection properties to the production process. The URS reflectors only reflect the UV light, while the IR radiation is allowed to pass through to the air-cooled aluminium profile. These highly resistant reflectors boast an extremely long service life and optimum heat management.
Maintenance friendly
All components in the unit, including the lamp, reflector, pneumatic cylinder etc., are easily accessible. The lamp can be changed without additional works or dismantling of other components.
IST METZ provides a warranty for 10,000 operating hours on URS type reflectors and 2,500 operating hours on UV lamps.
Reactivity without initiators
FREEcure is not only suitable for 100% UV systems, but also for water borne UV systems. When defining the UV systems, the following aspects were taken into account: No photo initiators, chemical composition of the binding agent, functionality of the binding agent, amine modification for effective suppression of oxygen inhibition, physical surface drying of water borne UV dispersions.


Increased performance with FREEcure compared to a standard UV lamp

Proven BLK Technology

The BLK LAMPcure was developed for the highest industrial requirements. Compared to conventional UV systems, there is an extraordinary increase in drying performance with the FREEcure. This means more productivity at reduced operating costs. Based on the proven IST UV system BLK, a system was developed, resulting in an increased performance of more than 70% in the process relevant UVC spectral range. This was achieved by a coordinated package of measures including the following points:

  • Adaptation and optimisation of the plasma technology
  • Use of special materials for the lamps, reflectors
  • Optimisation of the electronic control