UV System MBS L: Air-cooled UV system up to 1600 mm

UV System MBS L

Air-cooled UV system up to 1600 mm

Industrial production processes require reliable and economical design technology. The MBS L represents a powerful air-cooled UV unit with a lamp length of 550 to 1600 mm and a maximum lamp output of 200 W/cm.


URS reflector technology
The integrated URS technology provides optimum adaptation of the reflector geometry and the reflection properties to the production process.
Air cooled UV unit
The complete lack of water cooling allows rapid installation and reduces maintenance costs compared to water cooled technologies.
Shutter system
In standby mode, the reflector closes and shuts off the rays to the web completely.
Switching and control unit
Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art actuation and control technologies all established types of system control are possible. This covers all options from independent control to the complete integration into the existing system by connecting it with the machine's printing speed.
Option: UV measurement
The UV system is prepared for UV measurement by default. The portable UMS-2 UV measuring instrument enables you to easily check the UV power if required. The precisely defined sensor position means that comparative measurements can be taken at any time.
Optimum heat dissipation in lamp housing
The MBS L features aroma and ozone extraction, which simultaneously cools the lamp and the reflector.
Maintenance friendly
All components in the unit, including the lamp, reflector, pneumatic cylinder etc., are easily accessible. The lamp can be changed without additional works or dismantling of other components.


Performance characteristics

Lamp length Remarks
550–1100 mm Vertical- and horizontal operation, exhaust air at the drive side, forced ventilation possible by arrangement
> 1100–1600 mm Horizontal operation, exhaust air at drive side