IST METZ: in-house UV lamp manufacturing

UV lamps

In-house UV lamp manufacturing

The reliability of a UV unit depends considerably on the quality of the installed UV lamps. To guarantee a high quality standard, IST METZ founded eta plus electronic gmbh in 1988 which is responsible for the in-house manufacturing of all IST UV lamps.

Developed for diverse applications with adapted emission spectra, the UV lamps are manufactured for the industrial application of UV units for the efficient curing of UV inks, varnishes and adhesives on substrates including wood, paper, plastic, metal and glass. The product range comprises UV lamps with lengths of 100 to 2300 mm and with outputs of 40 W/cm to 270 W/cm depending upon length.



After the manufacturing process is complete, the UV lamps are subject to a strict quality test. Electrical parameters including operating voltage and current, specific energy output and UV-C radiation intensity are determined, evaluated and compared with nominal values. Each individual UV lamp is rigorously tested and certified.


It is now quick and easy to change UV lamps with the new FLC system.

After the cooling cycle the UV unit is opened or pulled out of the machine, so that the lamp is accessible. The lamp is easily lifted out of the housing and removed from the unit using the tool supplied. There are no scres to remove or cables to disconnect. When the lamp has been removed the reflectors can be cleaned. The new lamp is simply placed in the lamp housing. The lamps locks into place automatically when lightly pressed into the lamp socket.

IST METZ: in-house UV lamp manufacturing



UV lamp - marking of the lamps and spectrum)
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