BLK LAMPcure - The most efficient UV system of its kind

UV System BLK

Watercooled UV lamp system for all applications

The BLK was developed for the highest industrial requirements. Compared to conventional UV systems, the BLK offers an extraordinary increase in drying performance without increasing the UV lamp output. This means increased productivity with reduced operating costs.


Hot swap technology
As standard, the UV systems are fitted with the same ELC type electronic power supply devices. They can be used to continously regulate the dimming range of the UV lamp. Both LAMPcure and LEDcure units can be operated interchangeably with the same ELC.
FLC fast lamp change
The cordless FLC UV lamp system enables the UV lamp to be changed quickly and easily. It can be removed from the lamp unit with just one movement.
IST METZ provides a warranty for 10,000 operating hours on URS type reflectors and 2,500 operating hours on UV lamps.
IPS control generation
The intelligent IPS Control System allows for a variety of additional functions, such as IST Remote Service.
UV online sensor
The IST UV Online Sensor has made it possible for the first time to measure the UV radiation effiency of a UV system online and check it when required in the operating display.
URS reflector technology
The integrated URS technology provides optimum adaptation of the reflector geometry and the reflection properties to the production process.
Inert gas operation
An inert gas version is also available for special requirements. More than 20 years of experience in several sector gurantee the perfect integration and very low gas consumption.


Watercooled UV lamp system for all applications

Energy-minimized UV printing

The BLK LAMPcure has been classified as particularly energy-efficient by the professional association for printing and paper processing and bears the "energy-minimized UV printing" label. In addition, the BLK LAMPcure is the first system in its class worldwide to be awarded the "DGUV Test" seal (formerly GS test mark). The seal is a legally regulated test mark for product safety that is valid throughout Europe.


Watercooled UV lamp system for all applications
Innovative. Efficient. User-friendly.


UV system BLK LAMPcure by IST METZ / printing / coating