Innovative, app-based UV radiation measuring device

UV Analyzer

UV measuring device

The UV Analyzer is an innovative, app-based UV radiation measuring device. It consists of the UV Analyzer App for Android and iOS, the UV Analyzer measuring strips and the UV Analyzer Stick. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple® App Store® or Google Play. With over 45 years of experience in UV technology, IST METZ exclusively distributes the UV Analyzer measuring strips and stick. Please contact our sales team.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology, the measurement is quite simple. Stick the measuring strip on the substrate. After irradiation with UV, the measuring strip is measured with the stick. Via Bluetooth, the stick is coupled with the app. The app displays the measured UV dose in mJ/cm2. This dose value can be compared with your reference value to determine the aging. Your system-specific reference value must be determined by you on site, by your own measurement, when the LED/UV system is new, or alternatively with a new UV lamp and reflector. The measurements of the UV Analyzer can be exported for quality assurance and documentation.


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UV Analyzer: Use gloves

Use gloves and stick the measuring strip on a white (light) substrate

UV Analyzer: Irradiate the measuring strip with UV light

Irradiate the measuring strip with UV light; the measuring strip turns dark blue

Measurement with the UV Analyzer

Take the measurement with the UV stick and transfer to the app via Bluetooth


How to use the UV Anaylzer

Performance of the measurement and technical specifications
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UV Analyzer
Manual and technical specifications


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