UV Campus

In addition to internal test series, our laboratory is also available to customers and partners for individual trials.

Our campus has excimers that are used in the field of matting, for example. LED systems, also short-wave, are used in the area of curing and pre-gelation, but can also be tested under inert conditions.

Different UV lamp systems can be used for curing tests. All common lamp types and different LED wavelengths with and without optics are available. We have suitable UV measuring equipment in-house.

UV Technology Campus in Nürtingen

The coatings can be applied via paint roller, wire spiral doctor blade, pressure and dosing processes as well as via spray painting in the booth.

This means that parts of the most varied sizes, in flat or 3D geometry, can be painted or coated and hardened in the campus. The application possibilities are universal.

The properties of the coatings achieved by hardening can be characterised in the in-house analytical laboratory. The topography of the surfaces, the double bond turnover, but also tensile tests can be carried out. Furthermore, it is possible to determine the wettability of surfaces and the chemical reaction as a function of the UVA wavelength with Photo DSC.

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Rental units

Several rental units with different working widths are available for trials at your site. The trials can be accompanied by our application technicians on request.

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Training topics

We support you in all matters relating to UV technology
  • Lacquer or paint chemistry
  • Pre-treatment
  • Inerting
  • Matting
  • LED UV
  • Temperature influence
  • UV measurement
  • 2D / 3D parts
  • Curing analysis
  • Statistical Design of Experiments


  • Interesting for 3-D parts
  • Simulation and calculation of UV radiation distribution
  • Consideration of the receiver plane
  • Radiation distribution in stationary and moving processes
  • Prediction of peak and dose depending on the measurement location

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