UV curing systems by IST METZ


UV curing systems are used in the graphic arts industry, automotive industry and for other industrial applications. IST UV systems offer many advantages for production and product quality. These include:

Extremely short curing times

Immediate further processing

High gloss varnishes

High scratch resistance

High chemical resistance

Our solutions are custom-designed to meet the requirements of the substrate and coater. UV curing systems can be used for new plants or for retrofitting to existing production equipment.
Our team provides a full service, from project design to installation, maintenance and spares. Don't hesitate to contact us should you require any advice.


UV curing: patents and registered trademarks

IST Metz possesses numerous patents and the following registered trademarks:
  • IST
  • BLK
  • BLK-U
  • MBS
  • LUV
  • FLC
  • ELC
  • SLR
  • CCU
  • URS
  • more than UV