Why Choosing the Right UV/LED Solutions is Critical

A Conversation with Chris Davis, IST America’s Head of Sales

In an era where precision and adaptability in industrial applications are not just valued but essential, choosing the right UV and LED curing technology becomes paramount. In the following Q&A, Chris Davis takes a close look at UV and LED application curing in the North American marketplace. He explores the evolving landscape of this technology, emphasizing sustainability and the critical nature of selecting systems that not only meet current operational requirements but also anticipate future needs. Davis discusses the importance of investing in a curing system that offers the necessary robustness and expandability to accommodate application growth over time, ensuring long-term success and efficiency for companies looking to leverage these advanced technologies

How does IST's deep technical expertise translate into tangible benefits for your clients, especially in nuanced technical environments?

Understanding exactly what the client's specific needs are is the first, and one of the most critical, parts of the process. For instance, when a client considers converting to LED, we delve into the why—what they hope to achieve and why they believe LED is the solution. This allows us to tailor our approach based on a deep understanding of their materials, conditions, and objectives. Our approach stems from a heritage of innovation, pioneered by IST’s German founder, one of the first engineers to work on jet engines in Germany, who recognized UV’s potential in industrial applications. This legacy drives our ability to design solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations by grounding them in our long history of unique technical expertise.


How does IST approach the design and implementation of solutions that can evolve with a client's changing needs?

At IST, we play the long game. Our systems are designed with future scalability in mind, allowing for easy upgrades and expansions. This foresight means we can incorporate additional UV and LED capabilities as needed without significant overhauls, thereby saving time and costs for our clients. This flexibility is a cornerstone of our engineering strategy, ensuring that our systems grow alongside our clients' evolving requirements.


Regarding IST's recent installations in North America, how many have required expansions or adaptations post-installation?

Trends over the past five years show that initially, about 15-20% of our installations needed expansions within a few years. However, in the last two years, this demand has grown significantly. This shift highlights an increasing need for adaptable solutions in the market, which our foresighted engineering approach accommodates extremely well.


IST prides itself on communicating complex solutions in a simple manner. Can you provide an example of how this has been successfully implemented with a client?

One key ability within IST is translating complex technical information into understandable terms. For example, we worked on a project involving a composite structural shell for filtration systems, where a specialized resin was used. By breaking down the physics and chemistry involved for our clients, we ensure they understand the solution fully, enhancing their decision-making process. This approach not only simplifies the technical complexities but also aligns closely with our clients' goals and challenges.


What makes clients choose IST over competitors?

Clients choose IST for the reliability and robustness of our systems, attributes grounded in our heritage of German engineering. Our equipment is designed for technical precision, resilience, and longevity. Furthermore, the IST experience is not just about the technology—it’s about stability, security at high speeds, and the assurance that production output matches expectations. Our comprehensive support and solutions provide not just a curing solution, but also a partnership that adds value and profitability to their operations.

In addition to our advanced equipment, IST has heavily invested in the UVTC—our UV Training Center. This facility has been completely overhauled and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Staffed by application specialists who are PhD chemists, the UVTC exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Here, we not only perform curing tests but also conduct in-depth analyses of materials and adhesives, providing a level of insight and expertise unmatched in the industry.


Looking forward, what emerging trends or technologies do you see as impactful for IST and your clients? How is IST preparing to meet these future demands?

Sustainability is a significant trend, with a focus on reducing energy usage and carbon footprint. This trend is particularly relevant to our LED technology platforms, which are designed to maximize efficiency. Additionally, there's growing interest in recyclable and compostable packaging solutions. IST is continuously adapting to these needs, investing in research and development to ensure that our technologies not only meet current requirements but are also at the forefront of industry innovations. Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency reflects our dedication to not just meeting, but also anticipating and continually developing solutions for the evolving needs of tomorrow.