At InPrint, which takes place from 14.-16. November in Munich, IST METZ will present together with its subsidiary ITL in hall A6 at booth 613 innovative new products as well as standard and LED units for curing and industrial coatings by using UV light.

In collaboration with its subsidiary Integration Technology Ltd., which specialises in digital printing products, IST METZ GmbH offers the world’s largest portfolio of UV systems for drying inks and varnishes using UV light. At InPrint 2017 IST METZ presents its new LED HANDcure. Additionally, ITL will show its new XT8 LED boost technology.

LED handheld with high power

HANDcure is the mobile wireless UV LED handset from IST METZ for irradiating spots and larger areas. The HANDcure is typically used for cross-linking and detection. IST developed the HANDcure on the basis of battery-operated electrical tools made by Nürtingen specialists Metabo. At an operating voltage of 15-18 VDC, the device runs on a battery and uses a spectral range of 365 nm to 415 nm. The basic variant weighs 1 kg. This allows fatigue-free working in a huge range of applications. The HANDcure contains no mercury, nor does it produce any ozone.

XT8 Booster: Up to 30% more power

All modules feature ITL’s high output XT8 UV LED Booster technology, which offers high-performing thermal properties and UV output increases without any need for additional driver current. In turn, this technology yields stable output and an exceptionally long service life well in excess of 50.000 hours, all backed by ITL’s unrivalled five year LED module warranty. XT8 features new supporting technologies in form of STEADYcool and VARIcool, for water and air cooling respectively and offering quieter and more consistent cooling performance.

STEADYcool and VARIcool complement product range

STEADYcool features specially designed water passages fitted with dynamic flow devices which enhance the water cooling surface area ensuring maximum thermal transfer and cooling efficiency. This ensures uniform cooling to within 5°C and consistent UV output even on the longest of arrays.

VARIcool is a closed loop electronic system which automatically adjusts the cooling to individual segments within the total length of the LED array depending upon both the ambient temperature and working duty cycle. This consequently eliminates any start-up spike and delivering a consistent output even in working environments up to 45°C. A significant feature of VARIcool is the low noise level from the cooling fans, which are quieter than any other products currently on the market.