At Medtec, which will take place from 04th  – 6th April 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, UV system manufacturer IST METZ GmbH will be presenting a wide range of products for curing varnishes, adhesives and composites using UV technology at booth C328, hall 3.

UV curing has become widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry as a safe and stable process for the curing of paints, adhesives and coatings. Precision and process control requirements are inherent. IST METZ offers support in the process development up to the realization of the production plants with a special focus on highest performance and GMP-compliant design. On one side, handheld units are used where flexibility and mobility are required. On the other side, IST METZ offers stationary UV units for industrial series production.

The wave length and intensity of the UV light used in the systems is designed to suit the specialist demands of adhesives. What is more, the UV technology has several key benefits compared to conventional procedures: it hardens adhesives in a matter of seconds, allowing processing of the material to continue immediately, and also offers high levels of rigidity and resistance.

HANDcure – mobility coupled with high performance

The latest development in the field of LED UV technology, presented at the ECS, ist the mobile UV LED handheld HANDcure for spot and area curing. The HANDcure typically is used in the field of bonding, curing and detection. Based on the battery-powered electric tools of Nuertingen’s toll specialist metabo, IST has developed HANDcure and distributes it exclusively. The device has a spectral range from 365 nm to 415 nm and weighs in the basic version just 1,0 kg. With HANDcure a tireless working in various manufacturing processes is ensured.