Running parallel to its in-house exhibition UV DAYS, the world’s largest in-house exhibition for UV and LED in the print sector, from 15th to 18th May 2017 IST METZ organizes UV Forum for the first time. Here, IST METZ and partners provide a comprehensive overview of current developments in UV and LED UV in industrial applications.

UV and LED UV are taking the industry by storm. Together with partners and exhibitors such as metabo and the IFB (Institute for Aircraft Construction), IST METZ will be presenting solutions for lightweight construction, bonding, coating, repair solutions, filling, finishing and water and air sterilisation at the UV Forum.

HANDcure – mobility coupled with high performance

The latest development in the field of LED UV technology, presented at the ECS, ist the mobile UV LED handheld HANDcure for spot and area curing. The HANDcure typically is used in the field of bonding, curing and detection. Based on the battery-powered electric tools of Nuertingen’s toll specialist metabo, IST has developed HANDcure and distributes it exclusively. The device has a spectral range from 365 nm to 415 nm and weighs in the basic version just 1,0 kg. With HANDcure a tireless working in various manufacturing processes is ensured.

LABcure: easy application, many options

The new UV laboratory system LABcure from IST METZ is a compact unit, which can be positioned on a table. The laboratory unit can transport samples up to 200 m/min. With a lamp length of 370 mm, a continuously adjustable lamp power of up to 200 W/cm, high quality URS reflectors and the fast lamp change system FLC®, LABcure is extremely user-friendly and service-friendly and is suitable for a wide range of research and development tasks.