All new LED systems from Integration Technology Ltd (ITL)will be extended with the innovative XT8 boost technology as standard. The newly developed LED Booster XT8 delivers an inrease in UV power of up to 30%, while maintaining a higher efficiency since there is less input power required to run the LED chips. ITL is now rolling out the technology in all LED systems which will take them to market leading levels of performance.

With XT8 LED Booster technology, the system reaches an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications. An extended service life is achieved since the semi-conductor chips are not being driven as hard when compared to other products on the market. The 30% boost in efficiency is available for systems fitted with 365, 385, 395 or 405nm or for systems with mixed wavelength arrays which ITL first introduced in 2010.

Arrays containing the XT8 LED Booster carry a warranty of five years on each LED module and can be retro-fitted into most existing models of ITL products, offering customers the chance to upgrade performance without totally changing the system.

ITL designs all LED packages in house and the company’s Chief Technical Officer Jason Smith explains: “XT8 reflects the cutting edge in semi-conductor packaging combining the latest Nano and phase-change materials which when combined with the most advanced chip technology offers a package of an exceptionally high efficiency."

"We are achieving an increase in UV output more than 50% greater than one year ago without any increase to the electrical input current to the chips” he continues, ”which in turn has reduced the cooling requirements of high intensity products and will enable us to produce the highest output LED systems currently in the market place.”