Newspaper printing

UV technology for maximum quality

Newspaper publishing houses have been facing growing challenges for some time now. These include falling subscription figures, reduced circulation and market penetration, and the constantly growing demands on the quality of newspaper printing. Further difficulties are posed by the global overcapacity in almost all relevant newspaper markets coupled with rising expectations of newspaper print quality, especially in the advertising business.

Advantages of UV and LED curing

  • Instant curing of ink enables immediate further processing
  • No ink build-up on the turner bars or funnel tips
  • Significant improvement in visual and metrological print quality
  • Consistent production conditions and maximum machine performance
  • Greater variety of substrates (including coated and matt substrates)
  • Improved immediacy, reliable production and as late a press-down time as possible thanks to complete and instant curing
  • Processing/finishing with opaque white and metallic pigments possible in the advertising industry
  • Ink consumption reduced by around 15%
  • Ink is not soaked up by the paper but remains on the surface