The paper guitar printed and refined by IST Metz was awarded the Special Mention of the German Design Award 2019 in the category “Integrated Campaigns and Advertising” by the international jury of the German Design Council. The guitar was specially UV-printed and refined by IST Metz.

The paper guitar was distributed as a print gimmick by IST Metz during an in-house exhibition. In keeping with the event motto "UV rocks!", the cardboard guitar was printed and finished live on IST Metz's own sheet-fed offset printing machine. It consists of two parts, the neck and the body, which are folded into a three-dimensional body. For the curing of the inks, particularly energy-efficient UV systems from IST Metz were used as intermediate dryers and as final dryers. The paper guitar owes its high-quality print image and filigree varnish effects to these systems.

In addition, the paper guitar impresses with an integrated product concept: any standard smartphone can be inserted into the folded head of the guitar. To do this, it is clamped in a holder that was produced using the 3D printing process. An app developed especially for the occasion contains a game in which - similar to guitar playing - the right strings have to be hit with the fingers. So the paper guitar can actually be played digitally with the app. It can also be used as a loudspeaker when set up on edge. On the front of the body, a pattern has been lasered out so that it functions as a sound body.

In-house exhibition produces excellent print products

By winning the German Design Award, the paper guitar joins the ranks of IST Metz's award-winning print products. The print products are developed and presented by the UV specialist at its in-house UV Days exhibition, which takes place every two years. IST Metz will be hosting the next UV Days from 13 to 16 May 2019. All information on the world's largest in-house exhibition for UV and LED technology can be found here. Visitors can already register free of charge.