A UV printed and finished paper guitar by IST Metz was nominated by the international jury for the German Design Award 2019 in the “Excellent Communications Design” competition category. “Integrated Campaigns and Advertising” is the sub-category in which the print gimmick is a candidate for an award.

The printed and live finished paper guitar combines sheet-fed offset, digital and 3D printing and was a customer present at the in-house exhibition of the UV specialist. The impressive integrated product concept features a 3D-printed holder into which a smartphone can be clamped and then pushed into the guitar’s head. By means of an app, the cardboard guitar can be played digitally. The guitar can also be used as a loudspeaker. A pattern lasered into the front of the body acts as a resonance body when the music is switched on.

International jury decides on nominations and winners  

The German Design Award is a restricted competition and therefore not an open one. IST Metz has already overcome the first hurdle with the paper guitar – it has been officially nominated and is thus admitted to the competition. In August, the international jury will decide the winners during the jury meeting and in camera.