Overview wood & flooring

UV and LED UV curing technologies have revolutionized wood and flooring applications, offering efficient and eco-friendly solutions for enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal. By utilizing UV (ultraviolet) and LED (light-emitting diode)-UV radiation, these curing systems facilitate rapid curing processes with minimal heat generation, ensuring superior surface treatment for wood materials and floor coverings.

From partial curing and pinning to pre-gelling, matting, and final curing, UV and LED UV systems provide versatile options tailored to specific application requirements. These advanced technologies not only accelerate production cycles but also contribute to the development of scratch-resistant surfaces, bolstering the longevity and quality of finished wood products. Transparent UV-curing coatings are used to optimise properties such as stain and scratch resistance, non-slip surfaces and easy cleaning of floor coverings. In addition, harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in some conventional floor coverings are avoided, which contributes to a healthier indoor climate. UV and LED UV curing are the future of flooring, offering speed, efficiency and sustainability for commercial applications.

Discover the key differences between wood and flooring! While wood offers its unique naturalness and aesthetics, flooring products are usually made of plastic. Whether LVT, PVC or other polymer materials such as SPC, they offer flexibility or dimensional stability. The key advantage of polymer materials lies in their moisture resistance and easier processing by end users compared to wood, which is notoriously more sophisticated.