UV technology for surface finishing

The IST METZ Group’s UV driers enable you to cure coatings of paper, films, PVC plastics as part of numerous different processes. Examples here include curing adhesives, siliconisation, matting or even hard coating.

UV system technology from IST is used during the application and subsequent final curing, for example, of cationic or even radically curing silicones. If radically curing silicones are used, inert gas (nitrogen) is applied to produce the right bond (oxygen-reduced operation) with the help of IST UV systems technology. The residual oxygen content under production conditions is ≤ 50 ppm.

UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting

No nitrogen is required, however, when cross-linking cationically curing silicones. A post-cure effect is created after cross-linking here. This means that it is not possible to switch the coated and cured side immediately after cross-linking. When cross-linking with adhesives, adhesives are formulated especially for the particular specification on the product and cured using the UV technology from IST.

IST systems can also be used to achieve special effects, such as matting with microfolds on the surface. This excimer technology is used especially in PVC flooring. It goes without saying that the IST portfolio of systems also offers the possibility of using UV technology in PVC flooring (we talk about pre and post-curing). UV curing varnishes, containing matting agents, are cured here. The degree of matting is determined using a UV lamp (pre-curing). The surface is then finally cured with the help of final curing.

When hard coating, films are applied on a film with the help of UV curing varnishes and cured using our IST UV systems. This creates an extremely scratch-resistant and durable surface.


  • Technical films
  • PVC flooring
  • Matting – excimer
  • Matting – matting agents
  • Siliconising for both cationic and radical systems
  • UV curing adhesives for the automotive industry
  • UV curing adhesives for labels
  • UV curing adhesives for the medical sector


  • Films
  • Paper
  • PVC flooring

Special features of IST technology

  • Low thermal load of the substrates
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to high UV efficiency
  • UV online measurement – production safety in the hot melt area, adhesive force adjustment via UV dose
  • High UV-C content (range: 200 – 280 nm) compared with the competition
  • Longstanding experience of using IST systems for hot melt
  • Compact construction of the systems allows them to be integrated easily into new or even existing coating lines
  • Low nitrogen consumption for inerted UV and excimer systems
  • Made in Germany: Development and manufacture of all UV core components (including UV lamp, reflectors, UV unit, ballast) at IST Group’s headquarters in Nürtingen

Industry expertise

  • Longstanding cooperation with system builders, silicone manufacturers, acrylate manufacturers and formulators.
  • Close contacts with associations, as well as research and development centres
  • Highly developed processing expertise in the field of converting
  • Expertise of integrating UV systems into coating lines
  • The IST Metz Group offers the world’s largest product portfolio of air and water-cooled UV systems
  • Development of customised, UV curing solutions with LED, UV lamp and excimer technologies
  • LED, UV lamps and excimer laboratory systems at the headquarters for customised trials and individual application development with an IST team with many years of experience in process engineering
  • Systems for hire for trials on production machinery
  • Global sales and service subsidiaries for effective customer support
  • Individual business models for equipment manufacturers