Industrial UV systems from IST for curing inks and coatings

UV System BLKs

Plug-in UV curing system für sheetfed printing

The UV sheet-fed-drying system represents a further optimisation of our proven technology when it comes to output and energy usage. Only two individual plug-in modules with an output of 200 W/cm each are normally used for sheet-fed end-of-press drying. The UV output generated is comparable with a common three-lamp system. Significant energy savings can therefore be achieved, depending on the application.


FLC fast lamp change
The cordless FLC UV lamp system enables the UV lamp to be changed quickly and easily. It can be removed from the lamp unit with just one movement.
IST METZ provides a warranty for 10,000 operating hours on URS type reflectors and 2,500 operating hours on UV lamps.
The UV system features efficient heat management. Cooling the shutter and the reflectors with water dissipates the resulting heat directly and effectively out of the machine. The integrated air cooling ensures uniform operation of the UV lamp.
Electronic power supply devices
Linked to the printing speed, the ELC controller can continuously adjust the lamp output between around 30 and 100%. In standby mode, the power is automatically reduced to a minimum.
Option: UV measurement
The UV system is prepared for UV measurement by default. The portable UMS-2 UV measuring instrument enables you to easily check the UV power if required. The precisely defined sensor position means that comparative measurements can be taken at any time.
Deep cure paket - optional
An UV package specially designed for deep curing of thick print layers is available for optimum drying of opaque white.
Flexible shutter positioning FSP - optional
The new FSP system for end-of-press, features an exceptionally large reflector opening angle. When printing on temperature-sensitive materials, the shutters can be used to limit this opening angle, in order to minimise the influence of the temperature on the substrate.
HotSwap technology
As standard, the UV systems are fitted with the same ELC type electronic power supply devices. They can be used to continously regulate the dimming range of the UV lamp. Both UV lamp systems and LED UV units can be operated interchangeably with the same ELC.
Retrofit when using an ELC-X/PE electronic power supply device
Existing UV units that are already operated with the ELC-X/PE series can be retrofitted by a LEDcure system.
Water-cooling for lamps and UV LEDs
Water-cooling of the LED chips for high efficiency and a long life time of the system.
Smart control
The new generation of LAMPcure/ LEDcure can be equipped with the Smart Control system user interface. This makes the operation of UV systems clear, it is easy to use and it allows straightforward integration into the control systems of all common kinds of printing press.


UV end-of-press with FSP