Sheetfed offset

UV from IST: The technology for your sheetfed offset press

The last 45 years speak for themselves. During this time, our UV solutions have been used successfully all over the world. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to equip thousands of sheetfed offset printing presses from all well-known manufacturers worldwide with our UV technology.

Our skilled engineering team and ten service branches operating around the globe are there to provide advice and support and optimise the various UV products specifically for each printing press and its requirements. Always focussing on the highest quality and reliability.

Our IST Campus offers comprehensive, intensive application support from application experts and laboratory systems. Here, sheetfed offset customers can experience the optimum utilisation of IST Metz technology and benefit directly from our expertise.

Particularities of our system concept

  • Tailor-made solutions
    • Optimised for the respective printing press
    • Adapted for sheet-fed offset printing applications such as packaging, annual reports, high-quality brochures, mailings, stickers and labels, phone cards, ID cards, flower plugs, window pictures
    • Designed for special applications such as in-mould labels, securities, banknotes, credit cards and various metal decorating applications
  • Designed for the highest industrial requirements and long-term use
  • Hotswap technology, i.e. replacement of UV lamp with LED technology by using the same ELCs
  • Fast position change due to slide-in technology
  • Intelligent IPS control for additional functions, e.g. remote service
  • Precise temperature management for a long service life
  • Quick lamp change thanks to FLC
  • High efficiency thanks to URS reflector technology
  • Long lamp service life - with warranty
  • Long reflector service life - with warranty
  • UV measurement with UV online sensor
  • Stepless power control
  • Powerful UV LED system
  • UV measurement by UV analyser
  • Job data storage
  • Fault message storage
  • Hot air/infrared drying

Advantages of UV sheet-fed offset printing

  • Immediate curing of inks and coatings
  • High and consistent print quality
  • No powdering
  • Solvent-free ink and coating systems
  • Immediate further processing of the printed sheets
  • No environmental impact from solvents
  • Printing on non-absorbent materials
  • More compact design in comparison to other drying systems
LED systems from IST: Efficient curing in printing and industry

Technologies employed in sheetfed offset

IST METZ: in-house UV lamp manufacturing

UV lamp technology

  • Optimised UV aggregates especially for a wide variety of offset printing presses and for the most demanding applications
  • IST METZ lamps and ELC power supplies are developed and manufactured in-house
  • Thanks to FLC, lamps can be changed easily
  • Hotswap -> ELC power supplies are future-proof and enable simple Hotswap between LED and UV lamp units without the need for machine conversion work
  • Sensors and UV measuring devices developed by IST METZ can be integrated into the UV units
  • UV online sensor and the UV Analyzer enable an innovative and precise operating process
  • Operation of the UV system is possible thanks to complete system integration of the UV system into the offset press control system
  • Smart Control system user interface enables uncomplicated control of all components
  • Reduction or avoidance of downtimes is possible thanks to remote access

LED technology

  • LED solutions from IST METZ are constantly being optimised and improved by our engineering team. On the road to the energy-saving drying technology of the future
  • High-performance LED solutions from IST METZ are standard in many security applications and guarantee reliable drying of security inks and coatings
  • LUV4 high-performance LED system for sheet-fed offset presses is fully integrated into the press control system
  • modulux turbo high-performance LED system offers a price-optimised LED alternative
  • LED solutions enable energy-savings - thanks to immediate switching on and off, format switching in steps of down to 30 mm, and clocking (switch-off between sheets)
  • Thanks to their special optics, IST METZ LED systems are optimised for the required distances on offset sheet-fed printing presses (light source to substrate) of 50 mm - 150 mm.
  • Hotswap is possible by using ELC power supplies
LED systems from IST: Efficient curing in printing and industry
Thermocure: Drying with warm air and infrared radiation

IR/hot air

Range of application from 50 to 130 cm
  • Customised IR/hot air units are available on request for high-performance production processes
  • Full system integration of the IR/hot air unit with the machine is possible
  • Complete system integration with other drying technologies such as UV lamp and LED is possible
  • IR/hot air systems adapted for inkjet corrugated board direct printing as a drying solution with optimised power efficiency

Contact us for customised UV technology solutions for your sheetfed offset application.

IST UV systems are recognised by my customers for their ease of use, durability and reliability. This investment brings them years of benefits and I have maintained trusting business relationships with customers worldwide for over 25 years.
Jean-Philippe Fournier
Senior Sales Manager Sheetfed, IST METZ