Wood & wood based materials

UV technology for partial curing/pinning, pre-gelling, matting and final curing

Discover our advanced UV systems for wood and wood-based materials that enable efficient wood finishing and wood coating. With our UV technology for wood, we offer customised solutions for surface coatings on wood that provide both protective and decorative properties.

Our UV systems are ideal for a wide range of applications in the wood industry, from partial pinning to wood finishing and final curing. Coating on wood is achieved using various UV-curing finishes such as fillers, sealers and lacquers, which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of wood and wood-based materials.

Substrates and applications

Our UV technology is ideal for all 2D and 3D wood finishing applications, including chipboard, MDF/HDF fibreboard and natural real wood. Through pinning and surface coating on wood, we achieve outstanding results for parquet and wooden floors, as well as for the finishing of mouldings, profiles, doors and windows.

Special features and industry expertise

Our UV systems for wood-based materials are characterised by low temperature exposure and reduced energy consumption. Thanks to our UV wood coating technology and long-standing network, we offer industry-leading expertise in wood finishing and coating. Our range includes air- or water-cooled UV systems that have been specially developed for the requirements of wood finishing.

Convincing results: Several hundred production lines realised worldwide

Woodline US 3x3 UV

Equipped with a total of 15 UV units for the production of lacquered wooden floors

Woodline US inert

For curing highly resistant top coats on kitchen furniture in an inert atmosphere.

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We have the solution for your individual requirements for wood coating and finishing. Discover the compelling advantages of choosing our UV solutions.
Frank Kruid
Frank Kruid
Sales Manager Converting/Web, IST METZ