Hotswap Technology

Interchange between UV lamp and LED UV technology

The Hotswap concept for UV lamp and LED UV systems from IST METZ allows users to interchange between both technologies at any time. LED UV technology will become an established way of printing sooner or later. With the new Hot Swap concept, users will be in the position to change over from the established UV technology to the LED technology or the other way round at short notice at any time.

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Conversion to LED UV: The Hotswap concept allows a subsequent conversion to LED UV. To do this, the outer housing remains where it is in the machine, while the UV lamp unit is replaced with a LED UV system that has been designed as a cassette unit. Contact to the supply connections is thus made automatically.
Integrable into commercially available machine systems: With the Hotswap concept, users have the option of using both standard UV curing and LED UV. The UV units can be integrated into all models of well-known machine manufacturers.
ELC-X series: Both energy supply and control of the Hotswap concept from IST METZ are based on standard equipment. The stacking concept within the well known ELC-X series supplies the power. These power supplies are both standard for UV lamp and LED UV.
Energy-efficient technology with the potential to save energy through immediate operation without run-up time, shutdown option during production breaks, adjustment of LED to production width, as well as the large control range of lamp output.
Environmentally friendly: The diodes do not contain mercury, do not generate any ozone and solely emit UVA light.
Cooling: Either available for air- or water-cooled systems.
Long service life of the UV LEDs, to be expected for more than 20,000 hours.