UV technology for the latest processes in display manufacturing

Displays of high resolution and rich in colour are the window to the information universe. Quickly type an email on the smartphone display on the way to work, read the latest news from the world on your tablet display or follow your favourite sport on your own 65” TV screen – innovative display technologies make this possible. Today’s displays are constantly in use and exposed to considerable stress, so that these displays have to be very robust and have a long service life. IST METZ sees itself as a manufacturer of OLED and LCD displays not only as a supplier of UV, LED and excimer systems, but also as a development partner. Applications in UV cleaning, surface modification and surface activation can be implemented by using excimer solutions. Our laboratory and our applications technology department are happy to assist with developing new processes and UV solutions.

Hybrid curing in display manufactering


UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting


  • Adhesion and sealing of display glass panels (e.g. ODF)
  • Curing of photoresist
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces (UV cleaning)
  • Modification of glass surfaces, surface activation
  • Bleaching of photoresists
  • Thin film encapsulation
  • Photo alignment


  • Glass
  • Plastics, e.g. polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Films

Special features of IST technology

  • Low thermal load of the substrates
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to high UV efficiency
  • The systems’ compact design allows them to be integrated easily into new and even into existing production systems
  • UV and LED technologies can be operated alternately if required
  • Low nitrogen consumption for inerted UV and excimer systems
  • Made in Germany: Development and manufacture of all UV core components (including UV lamp, reflectors, UV unit, ballast) at IST Group’s headquarters in Nürtingen
  • Use of simulation software to shorten developments

Industry expertise

  • Longstanding collaboration with system builders, OEMs, varnish and raw material manufacturers
  • Contacts with associations, as well as research and development centres
  • Highly developed process expertise in the display industry
  • Expertise of integrating UV systems into production machinery
  • The IST Metz Group offers the world’s largest product portfolio of air and water-cooled UV systems
  • Development of customised, UV curing solutions with LED, UV and excimer technologies
  • LED, UV lamps and excimer laboratory systems at the headquarters for customised trials and individual application development with an IST team with many years of experience in process engineering
  • Systems for hire for trials on production machinery
  • Global sales and service subsidiaries for effective customer support
  • Individual business models for equipment manufacturers