UV technology for surface finishing of cosmetic parts

With the UV systems from IST, it is possible to cure coatings and finishes of plastic parts as part of a variety of different processes. Examples include the curing of top coats, protective varnishes or scratch-resistant hard coating. Either solvent-based, solvent-free or water-based UV varnishes are used in the application and subsequent final curing. Special properties, such as a scratch coating or a high-gloss appearance, can be achieved through the use of UV technology from IST. A great many different shapes can be cured partially or across the entire surface thanks to the special layout of the UV systems.

UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting


  • PVC – flacon
  • PVC – caps
  • Glass – flacon


  • Protective varnish curing
  • Top coat curing
  • High-gloss appearance

Special features of IST technology

  • Low thermal load of the substrates
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to high UV efficiency
  • High UV-C content (range: 200-280 nm) compared with the competition
  • IST Metz has been using UV technology for more than 25 years in the cosmetics field
  • The systems’ compact design allows them to be integrated easily into new and even existing coating lines
  • Made in Germany: Development and manufacture of all UV core components (including UV lamp, reflectors, UV unit, ballast) at IST Group’s headquarters in Nürtingen

Industry expertise

  • Longstanding collaboration with equipment manufacturers, as well as ink and varnish manufacturers in the cosmetics industry
  • Contacts with associations, as well as research and development centres
  • Process expertise in 3D
  • Expertise of integrating UV systems into coating lines
  • The IST Metz Group offers the world’s largest product portfolio of air and water-cooled UV systems
  • Development of customised, UV curing solutions using LED, UV lamp and excimer technology
  • LED, UV lamps and excimer laboratory systems at the headquarters for customised trials and individual applications development with an IST team with many years of experience in process engineering
  • Systems for hire for trials on production machinery
  • Global sales and service subsidiaries for effective customer support
  • Individual business models for equipment manufacturers