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The “first-aid kit” for your UV system!

An IST Shop on your premises guarantees a reliable, well-organized stock of spare parts on the spot. All the essential original IST spare parts for the specific system are then to hand when needed. You have immediate availability, which minimizes the risk of unscheduled downtime Pre-printed fax forms, for example, make it easy for your staff to re-order parts to top up stocks.

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UV lamps and reflectors

The output of a UV system is determined to a key extent by the optical components in the system, such as the UV lamp and the reflectors. IST METZ has always been aware of the key role played by these components, which is why we have always consistently developed and produced such components in-house. This is the only way to satisfy our customers’ stringent demands. In the case of IST-UV lamps, the high technical standard of the products is achieved through a craftsman-like approach to production, combined with comprehensive quality controls. This is how IST METZ is able to offer outstanding warranties on these products.


We're taking part!

The “Pro-Original” campaign is a joint initiative by the VDMA [Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Mechanical Engineering Association] and its members, who are vigorously promoting the use of original technology.

Pro-Original” campaign is a joint initiative by the VDMA

The use of qualified original technology helps prevent expensive production downtime. We aim to supply our customers on schedule. The most stringent quality demands are met by machines with long lives which are serviced regularly. Only the purchase of original machines, components or spare parts guarantees long-term precision and rapid service – basic prerequisites for your commercial success.

We supply you only with original spare parts - quickly and straightforwardly! The expertise of our spare parts department is available to you for the reorder of replacement products and spare parts for IST systems’.

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