UV system check

Be inspired by the past, but don´t work in it

Spare parts for a classic car are not so easy to obtain. It is also possible that parts of your UV system can no longer be replaced 1:1 with a spare part in the event of a defect.

You are producing with an IST UV system that is already more than 10 years old - congratulations - and thank you for being our customer for so long!

Retrofitting old components with new ones means...

  • significantly lower investment
  • an increase in system availability
  • shorter downtimes
  • no long decision-making processes and changeover phases
  • an extended service life
  • a significantly longer availability of spare parts

With a component upgrade...

  • productivity is increased
  • and energy is saved
Get the best UV system performance with UV service offerings
Let us check your UV system now!
With the serial number we can clearly identify your IST UV system and provide you with a customised offer.

You will find the serial number on the type label of the unit, which is located on the control cabinet door, near the main switch. The number starts with a "0" followed by 5 or 7 digits.