Hotmelt PSA

UV unit to cross-link hotmelt PSA

Special applications need adhesives with specifically defined properties. It is possible to adjust the adhesive properties of UV acrylates depending on the amount of UV exposure after application. With increased UV exposure the layer of glue becomes less adhesive. This results from the effect of UV exposure on acrylate adhesives. 

The amount of UV exposure is controlled by the specifications of the UV lamps used and the production speed of the machine. Therefore, a whole range of adhesives with different properties can be produced from one basic adhesive and varying UV exposure.


UV curing systems for industrial applications and converting

Optimum exposure is always guaranteed

The web passes firstly through the unit where the adhesive is applied and then moves on to the UV lamps where the cross-linking process is initiated. UVC sensors constantly monitor and adjust the UV exposure in order to achieve the required adhesive properties. The stepless output control (ELC) ensures that exactly the same UV exposure is applied to the adhesive layer.


  • Labels
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Suppliers of the motor industry
  • Special applications