Reflectors for UV curing systems

Reflectors for UV curing systems

Suitable for all applications

IST METZ UV systems are fitted with standard aluminium reflectors or CMK (cold mirror) reflectors depending on the characteristics of the substrate used. CMK-reflectors are used for heat-sensitive materials as they absorb heat-producing infra red energy and reflect only the UV energy.

Warranty requirements

The warranty for URS/URS-A reflectors shall be 10.000 working hours or 36 months after date of delivery. Up to 2000 operating hours full replacement, from 2.001 up to 10.000 operating hours pro-rata credit.
The warranty does not cover the following: A decrease of curing performance caused by external contamination of the lamps or reflectors, damages caused by mechanical or chemical influences as well as themal overload. The IST-UV unit and reflectors are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by the operator according to the IST operating instructions.
A reduction in curing performance caused by external contamination is not recognised as a reason for complaint.


URS cold mirror reflector technology

Higher output, reduced energy consumption

The new generation of cold mirror reflectors, URS reflectors, provides considerable benefits in terms of increased efficiency as well as increased UV energy reaching the substrate. Higher output, lower energy consumption! Trials have been carried out with the new reflectors both in the laboratory and in practical field tests in the offset, flexo, screen printing and letterpress sectors. The UV measurements taken during these show that comparable UV curing results are possible with reduced energy consumption.

The new URS cold mirror reflector technology combines the advantages of the well-established aluminium and CMK (cold mirror) reflectors: only the UV light is reflected whilst the IR energy (heat) passes through the dichroic coatings and the cold mirror glass into a water-cooled absorber profile where the heat is efficiently removed. In addition, additional reflector profiles increase the UV energy reaching the substrate.

Functionality of the URS reflector



URS Reflector removal