The clever system for modern and energy-saving workflow processes

Our experts have reinvented the UV curing process once again and the result is the SMARTcure system, which uses AI to recognise potential energy savings and can positively infl uence the service life of an LED. The required data transfer between the system and the cloud creates a system that, in addition to an assistance function, can also provide operating data for maintenance. All with the aim of establishing modern and environmentally friendly work processes. Precise details for the performance settings per dryer are determined and implemented in an energy-saving manner.

In concrete terms, this means a reduction in consumption through:

  • the power of the curing system
  • the format-dependent switching
  • the reduction of the cooling capacity
  • as well as the reduction of nitrogen (for inertised systems)

The associated reduction in power consumption and operating temperature has a positive effect on the service life of LED systems. The necessary parameters (such as substrate, ink and varnish information) are entered manually secured or automatically via an interface and classifi ed via a cloud connection. The information is automatically stored in a database.

What follows is a processing and calculation

  • the power of the UV system depending on the type of ink and ink location
  • a prediction of the maximum production speed depending on the required dose
  • the required LED zones in relation to the print format
  • the potential energy saving
  • the resulting extended LED service life

The user can use a feedback option to evaluate the curing quality. Feedback and changes to settings are processed directly in the cloud. Other measuring systems and analyses can also be used, such as the UV Analyzer, measurement of the double bond conversion, solvent resistance or simply a thumb test. The SMARTcure system therefore learns continuously and enables a simple and customer-friendly optimisation process for modern curing applications.