Quality management

ISO 9001 certification

IST METZ produces and develops bespoke technical solutions based on customer requirements and future demands. The considerable resources of IST METZ ensure the successful development of customer-specific solutions:

  • Internal and external laboratories for test work
  • In house research and development department
  • IST Campus
  • Service departments at the headquarters and subsidiaries
  • ISO 9001 accredition
  • Cooperation with partners in key sectors, including press manufacturers, chemical companies and ink and varnish manufacturers
  • Cooperation with universities
  • Membership of Trade Associations

More than 40 years' experience, continuous technological developments as well as close working relationships with our customers and business partners have been the foundations of our global success.



AEO certification

Since 2011

Increasing globalisation and a changed international security have led the World Customs Organisation to introduce a global framework for modern and effective risk management in customs administration. The European Union has implemented and substantiated these political-security aspects. A significant element of this security initiative is the introduction of the Authorised Economic Operator certification, or AEO.

Since 11.11.2011, IST METZ has also been awarded this status which aims to secure a continuous international supply chain from the manufacturers of goods to the end consumer.

Another step towards improving quality at IST METZ !

AEO certification Since 2011


Failure analyses report


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